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30 April 2019

The Independent Media Commission (IMC) on 26 April 2019, under the direction of the Chairman of IMC Mr. Muja FERATI, has held the fifth regular meeting for 2019 year.

The Committee, first has approved an agenda of the meeting and then minutes from the previous meeting.

Following the meeting, IMC reviewed the Quarterly Report January - March 2019 on the work of the IMC. Upon the review, Commission approved the report in order to be forwarded to the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo, according to the procedure based on the legal obligation arising from Article 15 of the Law No. 04 / L-44 on the Independent Media Commission.


In the course of the meeting, IMC Commission has addressed several requests about licensing cases, respectivelyon licence renewal requests, change of ownership, license termination, license transfer and licensing of media service providers with transmission through AMSP.

Licensing cases are listed as below:

A mol tv – recommendation for the license renewal;

Radio Dodona – recommendation for change of ownership;

Rtv Ballkan – recommendation for the license termination (voluntary withdrawing the license);

Cinemax 1, Cinemax 2, Life hd, Terra hd and Tao Tao – recommendation for the license to AMSP with transmission through am;

Kristal TV –recommendation for the license for amsp with transmission through am;

Isp broadcast – recommendation for transfer of the license.