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13 September 2019

The Independent Media Commission (IMC) organizes a consultative meeting with IMC licensees, in order to discuss the electoral process, namely the obligations of the media under the Election Law and IMC bylaws.

The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss with the IMC licensees the process of early elections for the Assembly of Kosovo, respectively the obligations of the media under Chapter VIII of the Law on Elections and bylaws of the IMC.

The legal basis applicable in the Republic of Kosovo will be presented at the meeting; there will be a presentation on the most frequent violations found by the IMC during the last election process, which will be followed by a discussion with licensees on issues generally related to media obligations during the election process.

The meeting will be held on September 18, 2019, at the Hotel "Swiss Diamond" in Pristina, at 10:00.

Here you can find the meeting agenda.