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05 October 2019

Observance of the Electoral Silence Period

The Independent Media Commission (IMC) is monitoring the program content (24/7) of Audiovisual Media Service Providers (AMSP) throughout the election campaign process.

Today, the election campaign period has officially ended and the election silence period has begun. Therefore, the IMC invites all licensees to fully implement Article 52, paragraph 1 of the Law on General Elections, which stipulates that:“ No person or media outlet shall broadcast or publish any material pertaining to campaign activity during the period commencing twenty-four (24) hours prior to the opening of the polling stations until the official close of the polling station”.

The observance of the election silence period by the media service providers helps the voters to analyze the programs of the political parties presented during the election campaign and any violation of this important election period by the media service providers is considered an interference in the will and orientation of the determination of the citizens, to vote for the political subject, according to their free and democratic definition.