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Public invitation for nominations for one IMC member

18 February 2020

The Independent Media Commission (IMC), pursuant on Article 11 of Law No. 04/L-44 on the IMC and the Decision of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo No. 06-V-321, dated 28.02.2019, makes a public invitation for nominations for one (1) IMC member from the non-majority community.

Nominations can be made by any person or organization legally registered in the Republic of Kosovo.

Nominations are accepted from 18 February 2020 to 3 March 2020, at 16:00.

Nomination documents can be submitted in person to the IMC Office or scanned via email toinfo@kpm-ks.org.

Information on qualifications, procedures and nomination forms for IMC members can be found here: Nomination Package. 

Additional information regarding the nomination process can also be requested by:

- email to info@kpm-ks.org;and arsim.dreshaj@kpm-ks.org

- phone at contact number 038 245 031, and

- in-person visiting the office of the Independent Media Commission, at the address Perandori Justinian Street No. 124, Qyteza Pejton, 10000 Prishtina.