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World Press Freedom Day

03 May 2020

Today, May 3, is marked World Press Freedom Day. While the World Press Freedom Day is being marked globally, journalists and the media are facing difficulties in reporting the situation created due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The media in the Republic of Kosovo are also in a difficult situation, which are also facing with additional difficulties, due to Covid-19 pandemic.

The Independent Media Commission (IMC) strongly encourages journalists and the media in general to do their job according to professional standards, properly informing the Kosovar public, while at the same time calls on all institutions of the Republic of Kosovo to reflect on the creation of conditions as favorable as possible for journalists, including the protection of their independence, the creation of media environment as safe as possible as well as to provide protection during the exercise of their duties.

Therefore, let this day that marks the World Press Freedom Day serve as a necessary obligation for all institutions of the country to respect freedom of expression, in the freedom of the media in general and media pluralism in our country, which is built with a lots of efforts and sacrificies, with the sublime purpose of informing our citizens.

Media pluralism, freedom of expression and free media are basic preconditions for a democratic society and a democratic state, without which there can be no social, political and economic development.

Let the World Press Freedom Day celebration serve as a day for all institutions to express full support for journalists and the media in general, to continue to provide fair, reliable and quality public information, especially at the difficult time in which our country is going through.