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Reaction regarding offensive language used in the media

07 October 2020

The Independent Media Commission (IMC) has closely followed the recent developments in the media in Kosovo, with special emphasis on the language used in television shows in the format of debates and discussions. The IMC has noticed that during the broadcast of a show, vulgar and denigrating language was repeatedly used by the guests on the show.

The IMC expresses its deep concern in relation to the vulgar and offensive language recently used in one of the OSHAs in Kosovo, where during the debate between the participants in the show vulgar and offensive language was used by the participants.

IMC has analyzed the language used in the live show, where it has found that despite the use of vulgar language which is contrary to the Code of Ethics, namely Article 4, paragraph 3, the moderator of the show has failed to take sufficient action through which would avoid and prevent the continued use of vulgar and offensive language.

The purpose of the media in a democratic society should be to provide fair information to the public through a professional and acceptable language according to broadcasting standards, with particular emphasis on the principles set out in the Code of Ethics.

Therefore, the IMC encourages audio-visual media service providers to be careful when broadcasting live programs also to take concrete action to avoid the use of vulgar and offensive language, with particular emphasis on live broadcasts.


Independent Media Commission