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Announcement from the meeting of the Independent Media Commission

21 December 2020

The Independent Media Commission (IMC) on December 15, 2020, under the lead of the Chairman of the IMC, Mr. Xhevat LATIFI, held its sixth regular meeting for 2020. First, the Commission approved the agenda of the meeting and then the record of the last meeting.

According to the agenda, the Commission reviewed the IMC Semi-Annual Work Report. After review, the Commission approved the Semi-Annual Report, which based on the legal obligation arising from Article 15 of Law no. 04 / L-44 on the Independent Media Commission, this Report gets forwarded to the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo.

Following the meeting, the Commission addressed several requests in licensing cases.

The reviewed cases concerned requests for licensing of the distribution operator - OTT platform, request for change of name and program scheme, request for change of ownership as well as recommendation for termination of the license of the media service provider.

The licensed cases reviewed are listed as follows:

    • OSHMA Rrokum TV- Recommendation for change of ownership;

    • OSHMA Art- Recommendation for change of ownership;

    • OSHMA Klan Kosova- Recommendation for change of ownership;

    • TV IM- Recommendation for licensing of the Distribution Operator- OTT platform;

    • TV Premium- Recommendation for termination of the license of the media service provider;

    • Radio Classic FM- Recommendation for changing the name and program scheme.

After reviewing the recommendations of the Executive Office for each of the above cases, the Commission concluded that all applications met the legal criteria of the IMC and decided to approve all recommendations.


Independent Media Commission