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Announcement from the meeting of the Independent Media Commission

20 April 2021

The Independent Media Commission (IMC), on April 16, 2021, lead by Chairman of the IMC, Mr. Xhevat LATIFI, held its fourth regular meeting for this year. The committee first approved the agenda of the meeting and then the minutes from the previous meeting.

According to the agenda, the Commission reviewed the Quarterly Work Report of the IMC, for the period January-March 2021. After the review, the Commission approved the Quarterly Report, which based on the legal obligation arising from Article 15 of Law no. 04 / L-44 on the Independent Media Commission, gets forwarded to the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo.

Following the meeting, the Commission addressed several requests in the licensing cases, which were related to the licensing of the audiovisual media service providers (AMSP) with broadcasting through the network of DO, and one request for name change.

The licensed cases reviewed are listed as follows:

  • ISP Pikëpyetje - Decision on issuing a license for media service provider;
  • ISP Dokumentar - Decision on issuing a license for media service provider;
  • ISP Popullore - Decision on issuing a license for AMSP;
  • AAB Radio - Decision to change the name.

After reviewing the recommendations of the Executive Office for each of the licensing cases, the Commission concluded that all applications met the legal criteria of the IMC and decided to approve all recommendations.

As for the other item on the agenda, that of legal cases related to the violation of Law no. 03 / L-073 on General Elections, respectively for non-conduct of diaries A and B, after discussing this point, the Commission decided to postpone the decision to the next meeting.