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The Independent Media Commission hosted a meeting with representatives from Save the Children

17 August 2021

The Independent Media Commission held a working meeting today with the organization Save the Children.

At the beginning of the meeting, the representatives of the IMC expressed their satisfaction with the cooperation between the IMC and Save the Children and expressed their readiness for this institutional cooperation to be further deepened. Save the Children also agreed to increase the intensity of bilateral cooperation.

The main topic of discussion in this meeting was the amendment of the IMC sub-legal framework, to the part on child protection in the media in accordance with Law 06 / L-084 on Child Protection, respectively the legal obligations arising from this law in relation to the IMC. According to this law, the IMC has a legal mandate to ensure the protection of children and juveniles from harmful program content broadcast by IMC licensees, such as audio and video media service providers and distribution operators.

Also, the IMC in cooperation with other institutions with a sub-legal act determines the ways of protection of Children in the media with special emphasis on children who are under institutional care.

In the continuation of the meeting, the participants discussed and examined the possibilities for inter-institutional cooperation in the future, with special emphasis on the protection of children in the media, and this could be achieved by organizing and participating in joint projects.

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