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The Independent Media Commission hosted a meeting with representatives from the Center for Humanitarian Dialogue CHD

14 September 2021

The Independent Media Commission today held a working meeting with the Center for Humanitarian Dialogue - CHD.

The Chairman of the IMC, Mr. Xhevat Latifi received in a working meeting the representatives of the Center for Humanitarian Dialogue (CHD).

In this meeting Mr. Latifi informed the representatives of CHD about the work and activities that is being carried out by the Independent Media Commission.

While from the CHD were presented the activities that are taking place in relation to the local elections that are planned to be held in the Republic of Kosovo.

At the meeting were discussed and examined the possibilities for cooperation between the parties, in activities of common interest in the field of media.

The President Mr. Latifi expressed the institutional readiness that within the legal mandate of the IMC, to provide the contribution of the IMC in all joint activities that can be realized in the future in the interest of the citizens.

The Independent Media Commission