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IMC publishes Monitoring Report Protection of Children and Minors in Audiovisual Media Services

28 December 2021

The Independent Media Commission has consistently paid special attention to the implementation of IMC bylaws by the media, in order to protect this sensitive category of society from content that may have an impact. negative in their physical, mental and moral development. Therefore, in addition to assessing the implementation of IMC bylaws, monitoring projects aim to create a clear picture of the ratio of children and juveniles in audiovisual media content, respectively their protection from harmful and inappropriate content.

In order to evaluate and analyze the program contents provided by the media service providers with the IMC bylaws, regarding the protection of children and minors in the audiovisual media services, the IMC has monitored the media service broadcasters with terrestrial broadcasting and the media service provider of a generalist nature operating through DSOs.

The most frequent violations identified during the monitoring were mainly related to the general restrictions and obligations of audiovisual media service providers such as: failure to warn with acoustic or textual signal before the start and after the interruption of programs with harmful content for children and minors, broadcasting of programs of certain categories outside the time provided by the regulation as well as non-use of the relevant visual symbols defined in the Regulation for the Protection of Children and Minors in Audiovisual Media Services.

For more information, the full report can be found here.