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Announcement from the meeting of the Independent Media Commission

23 January 2022

The Independent Media Commission (IMC), on January 20, 2022, under the chairmanship of the Chairman of the IMC, Mr. Xhevat Latifi, held its first regular meeting for this year.

Following the approval of the agenda and minutes from the last meeting, according to the agenda, the Commission has reviewed several legal cases.

After reviewing the legal cases on the agenda, the Commission has decided to postpone the decision on these cases for the next meeting.

According to the agenda, the Commission has handled two more licensing cases. The cases reviewed concerned the request for termination of the distribution operator's license. After reviewing the recommendations of the Executive Office on the cases, the Commission concluded that the legal criteria were met and approved these requests.

• Fiberlink LLC - Decision on termination of the Distribution Operator license; AND

• N.T.SH. Valanet - Decision to terminate the license of the Distribution Operator;


Independent Media Commission