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Reminder: Request to imc licensees to provide annual reports for 2021

01 March 2022

The Independent Media Commission (IMC) reminds all licensees that by the end of March, we expect you to submit to IMC the annual reports for 2021, thus fulfilling the legal obligation set out under Law No. 04/L-44 on the Independent Media Commission, respectively Article 28, paragraph 1, which states that:

“Licensed audiovisual media services shall present an annual report to IMC, which shall include information concerning programme and action in compliance with license conditions, along with a detailed financial report and other information as provided for by law."

Annual reports with the required information must be submitted to the IMC  no later than 31 March 2022. IMC assures you that the commercially sensitive information presented in your annual report will not be disclosed to any person unless otherwise required by law.

In cases where IMC considers that the information presented in the annual report is incomplete, we inform you that IMC may request additional information to complete the reports and verify the accuracy of the requested information.

Failure to report annually constitutes a violation of law and serves as a basis for initiating proceedings for sanctioning measures against the licensees, in accordance with the Law on the IMC.

Form for the annual report 2021 for Audiovisual Media Service Providers

Form for the annual report 2021 for Distribution Operator.


Independent Media Commission