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IMC held two workshops with high school students related to Media Literacy

11 March 2022

The Independent Media Commission has held two workshops with school students in order to discuss issues related to media literacy. The workshops were held on 10 and 11 March 2022 with the students of the high schools "Sami Frasheri" and "Xhevdet Doda", in Prishtina.

The purpose of organizing these workshops was to promote and raise awareness about the impact of the media, increase knowledge about the acceptance, use, protection and consumption of media content, develop skills and skills needed to develop critical thinking regarding online content and technology other digital.

For two days in a row, students had the opportunity to learn about the role and mandate of the IMC as well as issues related mainly to media literacy, journalism and digital citizenship.

Discussions were also held with students on the importance of analyzing and deconstructing news and other media messages.

These media education activities are a continuation of the cooperation in strengthening the media literacy program of the Independent Media Commission, supported by the Council of Europe Office in Prishtina. The workshops were organized in the framework of the Action "Freedom of Expression and Freedom of the Media (JUFREX)" part of the "Horizontal Tool for the Western Balkans and Turkey II" (Horizontal Facility II) a cooperation initiative co-financed by the European Union and the Council of Europe and implemented by the Council of Europe.


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