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IMC participated in a roundtable discussion on "Elimination of negative portrayal of women politicians in the media to promote participation and equal representation in politics in the Prizren region."

01 April 2022

This roundtable was organized on March 29, 2022, by the OSCE Mission and the Council of Europe Office in Pristina. This body aimed to eliminate the negative portrayal of women politicians and the key role of the media in this effort.

Participants in this roundtable discussion, who were from the field of media and politics, shared their personal experiences of the challenges faced by women to enter and participate in politics and the media, as well as stressed the need to address defamation and gender-based discrimination. Discussions included topics about removing traditional barriers that prevent women from fully participating in public and political affairs, as well as raising public awareness through gender-sensitive media reporting.

At the end of the event, eight local media in the Prizren region, signed a Joint Declaration, through which they pledge to promote gender equality and work to eliminate negative portrayal of women in the media.