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IMC welcomed in a working meeting a representative from the European Broadcasting Union (EBU)

22 April 2022

The Independent Media Commission (IMC) welcomed in a working meeting the official of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) Mrs. Radka Betcheva and representatives from the public broadcaster (RTK).

In his introductory speech, the Chairman of the IMC, Mr. Latifi, said that he was happy for the cooperation with the EBU and expressed his readiness to further deepen this cooperation between institutions. Following his speech, Mr. Latifi informed about the most important activities of the IMC, in fulfillment of constitutional and legal obligations.

The participants in the meeting discussed several topics of common interest in the field of media, with special emphasis on the work being done regarding the process of amending the Law on IMC in order to harmonize with the new AVMS Directive and the amendment of Law on RTK and completion of the process of transition to digital broadcasting. The meeting also discussed the financial difficulties faced by the IMC due to budget cuts, the issue of measuring the media audience, combating false news, especially after the situation in Ukraine and the IMC decision to temporarily suspend of broadcasting channels originating from the Russian Federation and Media Education.

Mrs. Betcheva stressed the importance of the work of the IMC institution as a media regulator and expressed the commitment to continued support in the implementation of the highest standards in the field of regulation of audio-visual media services. As for the developments in the field of media, he said that the whole world is being challenged with numerous ways of abusing freedom of expression, therefore it is impressive the work and commitment that the IMC continues to do as a regulator.


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