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World Press Freedom Day

03 May 2022

On the occasion of the 3rd of May, World Press Freedom Day, the Independent Media Commission recalls the importance of respecting this fundamental value of democratic states, as a very important contribution to the creation of a stable, comprehensive society, while at the same time guaranteeing access to information and guarantee of freedom of expression.

On this important day of press freedom, the Independent Media Commission encourages all responsible mechanisms and institutions to provide a constructive approach to the functioning of the predispositions guaranteeing the unrestricted application of this fundamental freedom, which shall be invulnerable, protected and guaranteed. The media pluralism, freedom of expression and free media are basic preconditions for a democratic society and democratic state, without which there can be no social, political and economic development.

Recalling that freedom of expression in the Republic of Kosovo is guaranteed by the Constitution, the Independent Media Commission considers that the media in the Republic of Kosovo, despite various challenges, continue to freely exercise their rights and responsibilities professionally and to be a powerful and succinct voice of truth which is a fundamental human condition for a democratic state.

The IMC is strongly committed to free media and invite all relevant institutions to create an appropriate environment for the development of free and pluralistic media.

We emphasize once again that the mission of the IMC is and remains the advancement of freedom of expression and media pluralism, always being at the service of the public equally for all citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, for freedom of expression and the right to information in the language pertaining to every citizen and every community.

Therefore, on this significant day, the Independent Media Commission strongly encourages journalists and the media in general to continue their work according to professional standards, properly informing the Kosovo public wide.