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Roundtable discussion in the framework of World Press Freedom Day

04 May 2022

As part of the celebration of World Press Freedom Day on May 3, the Independent Media Commission participated in a roundtable discussion on "Journalism at this time, the dissemination of information as a public good, challenges, threats and risks." organized by the Kosovo Media Institute and the Viti Journalists Club ,.

Other participants in this organization were the Kosovo Rotary Coordination Council, the British Embassy in Pristina, the Albanian Embassy in Pristina, the Municipality of Viti, the Kosovo Media Institute and journalists from various media.

As a sign of honor from the organizer, wreaths were placed at the tombstone of "Kerim Lawton", the journalist of the Associated Press in Viti.

The activity continued with a discussion by the participants in the House of Culture "Gursel and Bajram Sylejmani" in Viti.

According to the organizer, the purpose of this organization was to draw attention to the special role of journalism in creating news that is verified information, about the public interest and how it depends on the wider ecosystem that offers information as a public good. , in order to ensure the economic sustainability of the media. During the discussions, the participants presented their views on the advancement of mechanisms for ensuring transparency, the advancement of capacities for Media and Information Education that enable people to recognize, value and protect free and independent journalism as a vital part of also considered a public good.