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IMC held a lecture on Media Education with students of the school SH.M.U. "Iliria" in Prishtina

05 May 2022

The Independent Media Commission held a lecture on May 5, 2022, with students of the school "Iliria" in Pristina, in order to discuss issues related to media education, namely protection from fake news.

The purpose of organizing this lecture was to promote and raise awareness about the impact of fake news in the media, increase knowledge about the acceptance, use, protection and consumption of media content, develop skills and skills needed to develop critical thinking regarding content internet and other digital technologies.

Discussions were also held with students on the importance of analyzing and deconstructing news and other media messages, with particular emphasis on the forms of identifying fake news and preventing its impact.

During the presentation, information was provided about the functioning of the media in Kosovo, respectively the framework of legal regulation of the media by the IMC. While with a special focus was the explanation of how a complaint is made to the media in the IMC, the form and manner of submission of complaints by citizens.

Independent Media Commission