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Public invitation for nominations for one IMC member

04 July 2022

The Independent Media Commission (IMC), pursuant on Article 11 of Law No. 04/L-44 on the IMC and the Decision of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosova, makes a public invitation for nominations for one (1) members of the IMC  from the ranks of the Albanian community.

Nominations can be made by any person or organization legally registered in the Republic of Kosovo.

Nominations are accepted from 4 July 2022 to 22 July 2022, at 16:00.

Nomination documents can be submitted in person to the IMC Office or scanned via email to: info@kpm-ks.org; and arsim.dreshaj@kpm-ks.org;

Information on qualifications, procedures and nomination forms for IMC members can be found here: Nomination Package.

Additional information regarding the nomination process can also be requested by:

email to: info@kpm-ks.org;and arsim.dreshaj@kpm-ks.org;

phone at contact number 038 245 031 and 045 721 604;

in-person visiting the office of the Independent Media Commission, at the address Perandori Justinian Street No. 124, Qyteza Pejton, 10000 Prishtina.


The Independent Media Commission