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Announcement from the meeting of the Independent Media Commission

15 July 2022

The Independent Media Commission (IMC), on July 12, 2022, under the leadership of the Chairman of the IMC, Mr. Xhevat Latifi, held its twelfth regular meeting for this year.

After the approval of the agenda and the minutes from the last meeting, according to the agenda, the Commission has examined several legal cases related to the violation of Article 28, paragraph 1 and 2 of the Law of the KPM, respectively the failure to submit the annual report to the KPM.

Article 28, paragraph 1 and paragraph 2, of the Law on the IPC stipulates that:

1. "Licensed audiovisual media services must submit an annual report to the KPM, which includes information about the program and operation in accordance with the terms of the license together with a detailed financial report and other information provided by law".

2. "Annual reports must be submitted to the IMC no later than March 31 of the following year, for the previous year. The IMC may request further information if it considers that the information presented in the annual reports is not complete."

According to the findings of the KPM, the following licensees have not fulfilled the legal obligation to submit the annual report to the KPM, therefore the KPM has initiated legal cases against these licensees for violation of the Law on the KPM:

Radio Dardania, Radio Helix, Mbtv, Radio Borzani, Radio Kaçaniku, Radio Rinia, Fwf City Radio, Tv Vali, Tv Llapi, 1 Tv, Rahovec Channel, Link Produkcija, Connect 3, Isp Broadcast, Iptv Tech ll.c., Vision Tv, Max tv, Telekom i Kosova sha, Tel Communications ll.c., Telekom i Kosova ott, Emonet, Swiss plus-1, Comnet-a, Radio Antena, Radio Urban FM Prishtina, Radio Aktiv, Radio Kent FM 2, Radio Iliria, Radio Klokot, Tv Iliria, Tv zoom, Tv kosova Channel, Olti tv, A 9 international tv, Tv dialogue, Astranet, Radio Urban Fm Prizren, Radio Dodona and Radio Bambus.

The Commission has examined these cases and after the examination decided that all the above-mentioned licensees are sanctioned with Warnings in accordance with Article 30, paragraph 1 of the Law of the IPC, for violation of Article 28, paragraph 1 and 2, of the Law of the IPC- of. All the above-mentioned licensees are also ordered to submit the completed annual report for the year 2021 within ten (10) days, as defined by article 28, paragraph 1 and 2 of the Law of the IMC.