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IMC hosted journalists from Ukraine sheltered in the Republic of Kosovo

02 September 2022

In the framework of the cooperation between the IMC and the Association of Journalists of Kosovo (AJK), a meeting was held today in the Office of the IMC with journalists from Ukraine, sheltered in the Republic of Kosovo. The group of journalists was received by the Chairman of the IMC, Mr. Xhevat Latifi, together with other officials of the Executive Office.

The purpose of this meeting was to inform the journalists as well as to express the readiness of the IMC to contribute in any possible way in support of these journalists.

In the introductory speech Mr. Latifi first welcomed the journalists and emphasized that the IMC as an institution is ready to provide the institutional contribution with all its capacities every time, in support of these journalists.

In continuation of the meeting, the organization, functioning and role of the IMC as the sole and independent regulator for audio visual media in the Republic of Kosovo were presented.

In short points, the work and activities of the IMC were presented, in monitoring the applicability of the legislation by the licensees, as well as the actions taken by the IMC after the start of the war in Ukraine, respectively the IMC's decision that has banned broadcasting channels originating from the Russian Federation, as the first regulator in Europe to issue this decision.

During the meeting, journalists from Ukraine presented their personal experiences of the journey to Kosovo, the challenges they encountered in reporting during this period, as well as their acclimatization in Kosovo. On the part of the journalists, they express that they are satisfied with the hospitality that has been and is being offered to them in Kosovo, where they have been provided with all the conditions for both life and work and are continuing to work for the Ukrainian media and also to inform Ukrainian citizens with accurate news about Kosovo.

At the end of the meeting, the IMC reiterated that the regulator remains committed to providing any form of support to Ukrainian journalists and welcomes their proposals in this regard.