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Notification to KPM licensees

08 November 2022

The Independent Media Commission (IMC) has increased its monitoring activities towards Audio Visual Media Service Providers (AVMSP) to assess compliance with ethical rules and principles, with a focus on monitoring informational programs related to the political and security situation in the Republic of Kosovo. .
According to the Code of Ethics for Audiovisual Media Service Providers 2016/03, AVMSP-s are obliged to ensure that the transmitted materials are in accordance with the ethical code, so that the public is informed correctly and accurately about the political situation. and security in the Republic of Kosovo.
Bearing in mind that the role of the media in informing the public is of particular importance, the IMC instructs all AVMSP-s to ensure that the transmitted data is verified and based on credible information during reporting in order to peace and security is maintained in the country.