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The audiovisual regulators of Kosovo and Albania cooperate for the drafting of by-laws

20 March 2023

Representatives from the Independent Media Commission were on a working visit to the Audiovisual Media Authority in Tirana, in an exchange of experience for the conception and drafting of bylaws.

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the current commitment of the IMC, in the process of drafting the draft regulation for the internal procedure for examining complaints.

Representatives from the legal, program monitoring and complaint handling departments, from the two partner institutions, presented concrete aspects that they encounter in their daily lives, which need to be adjusted. The discussion was also illustrated with examples from the broadcast content, or from the performance of AVMS-s in Kosovo and Albania.

During the meeting, the need for reference from the best practices of authorities in EU countries, or parts of their legislation in the handling of complaints, was emphasized.

IMC and AMA expressed their readiness for this cooperative spirit of mutual interest to continue in other aspects of audio/audiovisual regulation, where the two institutions have the potential to exchange experiences.

Earlier, joint working meetings of AMA and IMC were held on the process of digitalization, monitoring of media coverage of electoral campaigns, on the protection of children from harmful audiovisual content.