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The cooperation between the IMC and the AMA continues

07 April 2023

The Independent Media Commission hosted a representative from the Audiovisual Media Authority on a working visit. This visit was in the wake of joint meetings with the aim of exchanging experiences regarding the process of drafting and amending primary and secondary legislation.

The leaders of both institutions and their teams discussed the current commitments of both regulators, regarding the process of harmonizing the primary legislation and then the secondary legislation with EU acquis, specifically with the new Directive for Audiovisual Media Services 2018/ 1808.

The topics discussed at the meeting were related to the results of the cooperation so far between the IMC and the AMA and the proposals for other possible activities within this format of cooperation.

The main emphasis of this meeting was the issue of the transposition of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD) and the challenges that await us for the implementation of this directive. The Law on the IMC is currently in the process of being amended, with the aim of harmonizing it with the aforementioned directive. But after the approval of the law, the IMC needs to harmonize all the regulations with the new law, in the spirit of the AVMS Directive, and for this matter it is intended to take the most successful experiences as a model.

The meeting also discussed the current technical and human capacities of the regulators and the need to increase these capacities in accordance with the rapid technological developments in the field of media.

During the meeting, the participants also discussed the rules of the Code of Ethics/Broadcasting Code and their implementation by the media, as well as media education as a very important and necessary process that should be constantly raised, in correlation with the emergence of new forms technology in providing information.