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Five workshops were held with high school students related to Media Education

24 April 2023

The Independent Media Commission has continued its activities in the framework of media education, in five workshops with high school students in Kosovo. The workshops were held in the following schools: Jeta e Re Gymnasium - Suharekë, Ali Hadri Junior High School - Pejë, Gjon Buzuku Gymnasium - Prizren, Ulpiana Gymnasium - Lipjan and Sami Frashëri Gymnasium - Prishtina. The workshops were jointly organized by the OSCE, the Journalism Department of the University of Pristina and DokuFest.

These workshops aimed to promote and raise awareness among high school youth about the impact of the media, increasing knowledge about the acceptance, use, protection and consumption of media content, developing the habits and skills needed to develop critical thinking in terms of Internet content and other digital technologies. All this in order to protect against fake news in the media.

During the presentation by the IMC, information was provided about the functioning of the media in Kosovo, respectively the students had the opportunity to gain knowledge about the role and mandate of the IMC and the framework of the legal regulation of the media by the IMC. While with a special focus was the clarification of how to make a complaint to the media in the IMC, the form and manner of presenting complaints by citizens.

This time, in addition to the lectures and presentations, the methodology of the workshop also included the presentation by DokuFest of a short film, called The Fake News Teenager, by Kate Stonehill, which is a 14-minute short documentary film, created as a format that explores some of the more interesting questions about content forgery and lies.

After the lectures and presentations, discussions were held with the students on the importance of analyzing and breaking down news and other media messages, with special emphasis on the ways to identify fake news and prevent their influence.