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Održan je međuinstitucionalni sastanak NKM, AKRK i ARKEP

18 May 2023

On 17/05/2023, at the offices of the Competition Authority, a tripartite meeting was held between the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo: the Independent Media Commission (IMC), the Competition Authority (AKRK) and the Electronic Communications Regulatory Authority (ARKEP).

In this meeting, among other things, issues related to the work, role and mandate of the three respective institutions were discussed, such as the exchange of information as a very important element for cases that potentially result in violations of the law on the protection of competition by enterprises of telecommunications, internet and cable which are licensed by the regulators.

The telecommunications sector has seen significant developments in recent years as a result of the introduction of new technologies in telephone, internet and cable services.

Technological progress and innovation have created new products and new markets, allowing new entrants to rapidly gain ground and influence. Competition and regulation should be integrated into each other to monitor/investigate the market power/positions of operators.

The law "On the protection of competition" requires the cooperation of the Competition Authority with the institutions of the central and local administration. In this context, it is necessary to strengthen the cooperation of these regulatory authorities. In order to increase the applicability of the law, the Competition Authority is cooperating and interacting with these institutions. The determination and mutual recognition of these responsibilities avoids the overlapping of legal acts issued by these institutions and avoids interference in each other's legal powers.

Also, it has been mentioned that in certain cases related to the professional dilemmas that appear during the investigation, the relevant institutions help each other with an expert in the field.