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IMC hosted a group of young kosovar journalists

22 May 2023

The Independent Media Commission (IMC) hosted today a group of young journalists from Kosovo in a working meeting, as part of a study visit organized by the OSCE, as part of the 5th edition of the annual program for journalists of young people, where the participants visit institutions and organizations of interest and see directly the regulation and functioning of the media.

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Faruk Rexhaj, together with other officials of the Executive Office, hosted this group of journalists. In his introductory speech, Mr. Rexhaj welcomed the journalists and emphasized that the IMC as an institution is always ready to offer opportunities for such meetings, especially with young journalists, regarding the issues related to the regulation of the media in the country. In continuation of the meeting, the organization, functioning and role of the IMC as the sole and independent regulator for audio visual media in the Republic of Kosovo were presented and explained in detail. The work and activities of the IMC in media licensing procedures, the monitoring of the applicability of the legislation by licensees, as well as the actions taken by the IMC in cases where violations by the media were identified, were briefly presented.

The meeting continued with the discussions and answers of the IMC officials to the students' questions, offering more specific clarifications regarding the work of the IMC in the monitoring and regulation of audiovisual media services, as a permanent work of the institution but also the procedure of complaints to the media and the handling of complaints, as well as the legal obligations of licensees, especially in respect of secondary legislation with a focus on the Code of Ethics but also other regulations. Also, other answers and clarifications were offered to the questions posed on issues related to the regulation of licensees as well as other issues related to audiovisual media services in general.

The meeting was a continuation of several other meetings of this format and the cooperation of the IMC with young journalists and journalism students, with the aim of promoting the ethical standards of journalism, increasing the quality of reporting in the media.