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​​​​​​​IMC presents the annual report to the Parliamentary Committee on Media

27 June 2023

The Independent Media Commission today presented the 2022 Annual Report to the Parliamentary Media Committee. The presentation was made by the Chairman of IMC Mr. Jeton Mehmeti, who informed the deputies about the activities of the IMC during 2022, the budget expenses and the results achieved in general. The activities of IMC have been related to the strategic objectives, which are: promoting media pluralism, increasing transparency in media ownership, protecting the public from misinformation, efficient use of frequencies and improving institutional good governance.

In addition to dealing with cases related to requests for licensing and change of ownership, non-compliance with the Code of Ethics and regulations in force, during 2022 the IMC has also contributed to the drafting of the new law for the IMC as well as the addition-amendment of the regulation for the protection of children and the regulation for audiovisual commercial communications.

By also approving the frequency plan, during the past year the IMC has undertaken the initiative for coordination with neighbouring countries on national frequencies. Also, IMC has an active participation in regional and European initiatives of regulatory authorities.

The IMC budget for 2022 was 1,028,065 euros, of which it spent 739,508 euros. From license fees and fines, IMC has realized revenues in the amount of 315,845 euros. The National Audit Office has not found any violations in the audit of the finances.

In addition to Mayor Mehmeti, the other members of the IPC: Mr. Besnik Berisha, Mrs. Luljeta Aliu, Mr. Fatih Basha, Mrs. Azra Desic as well as the acting Chief Executive Mr. Faruk Rexhaj, have answered the questions of the deputies from the Parliamentary Commission for Media.