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Public competition for the granting of a license to broadcast radio programs

01 August 2023


Based on Article 21, 22 and 23 of the Law on the Independent Media Commission (Law No. 04/L-44), at the meeting on July 17, 2023, the members of the IMC decided to announce:


for granting licenses for broadcasting programs on the radio

The Independent Media Commission (IMC), based on the need of the residents of the Turkish community of the Municipality of Prizren as well as the residents of the Bosnian community of Vitomirica, Municipality of Peja, for information of a local character and in their native language, the interest for radio frequencies as well as the possibility of developing media pluralism, has assessed the possibility of announcing the competition for free frequencies in these locations and has assessed that there is a lack of audio media services at the local level and has also assessed the need for the development of media pluralism. This assessment was made based on the KPM Law, respectively Article 9 of this law, which defines the Broadcasting Policy in the Republic of Kosovo.

In addition, KPM has also confirmed the technical possibilities for free frequencies, which are in accordance with the frequency plan of the Republic of Kosovo and that the same can be tendered for use by candidates who best meet the competitive criteria.

Based on the decision of the KPM dated July 17, 2023, the table below shows the location and Municipality for which the public tender announcement will be made:



Kategoria e licencës

dhe     numri i frekuencave

  Gjuha e transmetimit



Regjionale - 1 frekuencë



Vitomiricë, Pejë

Lokale – 1 frekuencë


The call for applications remains open for 30 days, starting on August 1, 2023, until August 20, 2023, at 4:00 p.m.

The category of radios with local coverage belongs to the Audio Media Service Providers who offer coverage with a radio signal, through a frequency, up to 3 municipalities (up to 30% of the territory of the Republic of Kosovo).

The category of radios with regional coverage belongs to Audio Media Service Providers who offer radio signal coverage, through a frequency, from 30% to 60% of the territory of the Republic of Kosovo.



The procedures for applying for a KPM license, as well as for determining the qualifying and competitive criteria to participate in this public competition, are based mainly on Article 22 of the Law and by-laws of the KPM.

The basic documents, as well as the by-laws necessary for the completion and submission of the KPM license application, are listed as follows:

  • Application Form
  • Regulation for Audio and Audiovisual Media Service Providers KPM-2021/01
  • Regulation on the annual license fee 2017/06

All the attached documents, which will be an integral part of the application, must be original, or the same must be notarized by a notary (where applicable);

Answers should be as detailed as possible and each answer should be ordered by question based on the number / letter of each point presented in this application.

The application must be completed based entirely on the bylaws set forth above.

Applications as well as all accompanying materials must be submitted in one of the official languages, in accordance with the law on Official Languages in the Republic of Kosovo.

The evaluation of the applications received within the deadline set by the KPM will be based on the KPM Regulation-2014/02 for the evaluation of the KPM license applications.

It is preferable that you ask the questions you may have related to the application process in writing, directing them to the Licensing Department of the Executive Office of the Independent Media Commission to the attention of Mr. Nuredin Islami e-mail: nuredin.islami@kpm-ks.org, Sebahate Hajredinaj e-mail: sebahatehajredinaj@kpm-ks.org and Mrs. Ardiana Alshiqi e-mail: ardiana.alshiqi@kpm-ks.org.

Applications must be sent in 2 physical copies to the following address:

St. "Emperor Justinian", no. 124, Pejton town, 10000, Pristina.