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IMC held a workshop for the preparation of new by-laws

11 September 2023

The Independent Media Commission (IMC) has held a three-day workshop from September 7-9, 2023, related to the drafting and amendment of three by-laws.

In the framework of the objectives set for 2023, among other things, the IMC has foreseen the addition/change of secondary legislation as well as the drafting of new by-laws as follows:

  • Regulation on Media Ownership and Concentration;
  • Regulations for the Protection of Children and Minors; and
  • Regulations for Commercial Audiovisual Communications.

In this regard, the IMC held a workshop with the aim of discussing the proposed changes in these draft regulations as well as other future steps that will be followed for the finalization of the aforementioned by-laws. During the work process in the drafting of these regulations, international experts were also involved and offered their contribution.

The need for changes in the secondary legislation is necessary and aims to harmonize it with the trend of developments in the field of audiovisual media services in general, creating better opportunities for their implementation by the IMC as well as by the licensees of the IMC- of.

The advancement of by-laws aims to protect public interest such as media pluralism and diversity through the regulation of the media market, media ownership and the protection of children from programmatic content.

In accordance with Article 8 of the Law on the IMC, the final drafts of the regulations in question will be made available to the public and interested parties for their comments that may contribute to their completion.

These three regulations are foreseen within the National Program for European Integration 2023, where the IMC has pledged to approve them within this year.

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