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IMC hosted a group of Kosovar journalists at the meeting

23 May 2024

The Independent Media Commission (IMC), on May 13, 2024, hosted a group of young journalists in a working meeting, part of a study visit organized by the OSCE. The journalists had the opportunity to get to know more closely the role and functioning of the IMC, as well as the challenges and responsibilities that this institution carries in the media environment of Kosovo.

During the meeting, IMC representatives explained the importance of the institutional independence of the regulator and how this affects the protection of media freedom. It was emphasized that a free and independent media is one of the main pillars of a democratic society and that the IMC also plays a key role in ensuring such an environment. In addition, journalists were informed about media licensing procedures, content supervision and the implementation of media legislation, including monitoring the applicability of legislation by licensees as well as the actions taken by the IMC in cases where violations are identified. by the media.

It was also discussed about the new legal changes that are expected to be determined with the new law for the IMC, where the powers of the IMC will be expanded, including the regulation of new forms of media content transmission.

Another important topic of discussion was media education and how to improve the quality of media reporting. IMC representatives underlined the need for continuous meetings and training and for a more professional approach of journalists to information sources. The importance of protecting journalists and efforts to ensure that they work in safe and fair conditions were also discussed.

Journalists expressed great interest in the work of the IMC, the procedures and deadlines for handling complaints, the decision-making process and the challenges faced by the institution. They were interested in the supervision mechanisms and transparency in the activity of the IMC. IMC representatives offered concrete examples of cases handled and measures taken to ensure respect for professional standards in the media. During this meeting, key topics such as the protection of children from media content, responsible and ethical reporting, as well as issues of children's privacy and identity protection, and media reporting of domestic violence cases were addressed.

One of the highlights of the meeting was the discussion on the role of technology in media development and the challenges that digital transformation brings. IMC representatives explained that technology offers new opportunities for information and communication, but at the same time it also creates challenges in terms of information verification and the fight against fake news. They emphasized the importance of the cooperation of journalists and media with the regulator, to address these challenges.

At the end of the meeting, the representatives of the IMC emphasized that the IMC as an institution is always ready to offer opportunities for such meetings, especially with young journalists, in relation to the issues related to the regulation of the media in the country. The journalists also emphasized the importance of continuing cooperation, to advance the quality and integrity of the media in Kosovo, and that such meetings serve as an important platform for the exchange of ideas and for encouraging a greater commitment to promote freedom of expression. and high ethical standards in journalism.