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In accordance to Law no. 04 / L-44, Article 3 point 1.1, the IMC has the mandate to prepare the Digital Transmission Strategy in the Republic of Kosovo as well as other strategic documents for audiovisual media services.

The Independent Media Commission (IMC) on 16  December  2019, has submitted to the Government of the Republic of Kosovo the  STRATEGY FOR TRANSITION TO DIGITAL TERRESTRIAL BROADCASTING IN THE REPUBLIC OF KOSOVA.  The process of drafting the Strategy started years ago and the document submitted today to the Government represents the work done by the IMC in collaboration and consultation with all relevant institutions and stakeholders.

The drafting of the Strategy is done by following the public consultation procedures within the legal obligation and involving a broad base of consultations with relevant local and international institutions as well as the national and regional / local media industries.

With this Strategy, IMC aims to establish a strong legal and comprehensive basis that will enable successful realization of digitization as a major national project.

Digitalization is the result of technical-technological development, which carries on itself internationally set deadlines to be realized. The IMC intends to respect the set deadlines and believes that if a cooperation and co-ordination of works is achieved, Kosovo will pass this process successfully and without noticeable delays, by creating opportunities for citizens of the Republic of Kosovo to use the quality services provided by Digital Broadcasting.