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To exercises the activities in the area of audio-visual media services in the Republic of Kosovo in accordance with the Law no. 04/L-44 for Independent Media Commission is required to have a broadcasting license, which is issued by the Independent Media Commission (IMC).

Broadcasting licenses and their renewal is done for a period of seven (7) years for radio broadcasts and for audiovisual media services and for the network operators for the provision of audiovisual media content is limit to ten (10) years. Licenses issued by the IMC could not ne used or transferred without prior authorization and without the prior written approval of the IMC.

Licensed entities must comply in full compliance with all regulations and the terms and conditions of license, as defined by IMC. 

Based on the Law no. 04/L-44, the IMC through a bylaw may adopt and apply other criteria for licensing and renewal of licenses depending on the type and category of license that will be issued.

Issuance of new licenses for audio-visual media services is published with all the relevant information required from applicants, the methodology and the criteria for assessing applications, the assigned fees and license category.

According to the available frequency plan for Kosovo, IMC shares sufficient frequency to enable the Public Broadcaster to provide the population of Kosovo television radio coverage to the maximum extent possible