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Established in 2005, the Independent Media Commission (IMC) is the body responsible for the regulation, management and oversight of the broadcasting frequency spectrum in the Republic of Kosovo. With Article 141 of the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo IMC is founded as an independent body.

According to Law no. 04/L-44, the IMC licenses public and private broadcasters, establishes and implements policy and regulates broadcasting rights, obligations and responsibilities of individuals and entities who provide audio and audiovisual media services. 
The responsibility of the IMC is to promote and maintain a fair and open system for the licensing and regulation of audiovisual media services and broadcasting frequency spectrum management in accordance with the best international standards.

IMC broadcasting policy is in line with internationally accepted standards of broadcasting and human rights, the relevant EU legislation, in particular with the European Commission Directive AVMS fully respecting democracy, rule of law, protection of freedom of expression and pluralism of audiovisual media services.

According to law, the IMC has the mandate to prepare a strategy for transition to digital broadcasting in the Republic of Kosovo, as well as other strategic documents for audiovisual media services.