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The Independent Media Commission holds a three-day workshop

29 June 2021

In the framework of capacity building and strengthening, the Independent Media Commission (IMC) from 28 to 30 June is conducting a three-day workshop on the topic “Media relations and capacity building of social media management”.

The workshop is taking place in the framework of the IMC cooperation with the OSCE Mission in Kosovo. This workshop is attended by  IMC officials, representatives of the Press Council of Kosovo (PCK), representatives from the OSCE and media experts engaged as lecturers in the workshop. The purpose of this workshop is to present the latest developments in the field of media and public relations and media.

The first session that was addressed in the workshop was on the topic "Media and public relations" where participants had the opportunity to be informed about the latest development trends related to forms of public relations.

The next session addressed in the workshop is "The role and importance of the media in society." At this point is presented the developments in the media market, the creation of new means of communication and new forms and methods of communication.

The third session in this workshop is on the topic "Management and interaction with social media". In this topic are presented the role and importance of social networks, their growing power in recent years and the competition that some social networks are making to traditional media and the dissemination of false news through social media.

The fourth session in this workshop is on "Using social media for professional communication." In this topic are presented the rules about designing communication strategies, creating pages and launching campaigns.

This activity is held in the framework of support for the IMC by the OSCE mission in Kosovo.


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