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Announcement from the second meeting of the Independent Media Commission

07 February 2024

The Independent Media Commission (IMC) on February 6, 2024, under the leadership of IMC Chairman Mr. Jeton Mehmeti, held its second regular meeting, where IMC's Objectives and Action Plan for 2024 were reviewed. the quarterly work report of the NKM for the period October-December 2023. Also, the Commission has dealt with several cases of the nature of licensing, respectively 8 requests for renewal of the radio license, 7 requests for change of ownership, 2 requests for renewal of the operator's license of distribution, 1 request to change the name, 1 request to change the program schedule and 1 case of non-renewal of the radio license.

Chairman Mr. Mehmeti presented the Objectives and Action Plan of the IMC for 2024, which contains 5 strategic objectives and each of them has specific objectives that are foreseen in the Action Plan. After the review, the Commission has approved the Objectives and the Action Plan of the IMC for the year 2024.

The Commission has reviewed and approved the quarterly work report of the IMC for the period October-December 2023, which is based on the legal obligation arising from Article 15 of Law No. 04/L-44 for the Independent Media Commission, is sent to the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo.

Regarding licensing cases, the Commission has approved license renewal requests for Radio Alba, Radio Besa, Radio Graçanica, Radio Kosova e Lirë, Radio Gora, Radio Vala Rinore, Radio Kontakt Plus, Artmotion and TV IM. Requests for change of ownership for J&B Net, TE 7, TV Dielli, Kadria Net, Radio Puls, Radio Capital FM and Radio Vizioni have also been approved. The Commission has also approved K-Sport 5's request to change its name, 1st Channel's request to change its program schedule, and Radio Shqip FM and Radio Energji's request for payment in installments of debts related to the license fee, while postponing decision-making at the next meeting the case for renewal of the license from Radio Max.

The Commission has also re-examined the Decision on banning Arena Sport channels. The commission has concluded that the temporary decision has already achieved the effect for which it was taken as if the circumstances of this case have ceased to exist. Also, the operator apologized and in his request for reconsideration of the decision offered the guarantee that such a thing will not be repeated. The Commission decided to annul the decision No.Ref.2310/840/KPM of October 3, 2023, regarding the removal of Arena Sport channels from cable platforms. However, IMC remains committed to monitoring all program content to ensure that it broadcasts in compliance with IMC rules and legislation.